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Dremio Hub

Dremio Hub provides community-supported connectors for a broad variety of data sources plus the ability to create your own. Take advantage of Dremio’s speed and ease of use, while being able to integrate with any other data source.


The connectors below are supported by the Dremio community, and are available for download. Please note that these connectors are not written by or supported by Dremio. If you encounter an issue with one of the connectors here, please reach out to the developer.


To install a selected connector, simply download the source connector files and the vendor’s respective JDBC driver and install into Dremio with the following steps:

  1. Select the connector of interest
  2. Click the “Download Connector” link to download the connector file
    1. Copy the connector file to the “[software location]/dremio/jars” folder in each Dremio node
  3. Click the “Download JDBC” link to go to the database vendor’s website
    1. Download the JDBC driver for the given source from the vendor’s web site
    2. Copy the JDBC driver to the “[software location]/dremio/jars/3rdparty” folder in each Dremio node
  4. Restart Dremio

After restarting, the community connector will appear in the list of available sources.


Dremio welcomes submissions from all users of the Dremio platform.

Instructions to develop new Dremio source connectors are provided for Dremio community members who would like their projects to be hosted. If you are a Dremio Partner and would like to submit a connector for your product, please contact your Dremio representative.

To submit a new connector, follow the instructions to develop and build new a connector, and then these steps to submit a new connector to Dremio.

Low Level API Examples

In addition to source connectors for relational sources, examples of low level API interfaces are available for advanced users to extend the functionality of their Dremio instances in a variety of areas.