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Additional Low Level APIs published on GitHub

In addition to source connectors to relational sources, examples of low level API interfaces are available for advanced users to extend the functionality of their Dremio instances in a variety of areas. These include:

Base API for data sources

  • The Base API enables users to create high performance parallel connectors to external data systems and can be used to define connectors for a wide variety of systems. An example HBase connector using the API is available on GitHub here.

Arrow Flight API

  • Arrow Flight provides an RPC/IPC interchange library for efficient & parallel interchange of data between systems that offers 100x to 1000x higher performance than ODBC/JDBC. An example Arrow Flight driver is available on GitHub here.

User-defined Internal Function API

  • The User-defined Internal Function API enables users to develop their own custom functions for using in SQL queries. An example function is provided on GitHub here.