Systech Solutions, Inc., a global technology, data and analytics consulting firm with over 25 years of experience connecting data strategy and delivery, has chosen to partner with Dremio to build and deliver data mesh solutions for their customers worldwide.

Data silos are a persistent challenge across industries and regions. While the vast majority of business leaders want their organizations to be data-driven, very few leverage data for decision-making or communicate regularly using data. Giving data consumers a consistent and firm-wide view of their data across business units and data repositories is a core capability of Dremio that Systech plans to introduce to their customers.

“The growth and proliferation of cloud data lakes as the first repository for a large volume and variety of data is obvious,” Yusuf Gulamhussain, CTO at Systech, said. “However, large enterprise organizations have data residing in multiple clouds and on-premises, in different regions, and within disparate business units. Dremio simplifies the process of connecting to and analyzing these various data sources, so data consumers can interact with a consistent and unified view of customer and operational data.”

Dremio’s open lakehouse architecture makes it an ideal solution for companies who want to build a data mesh:

  • Dremio Sonar is a SQL-based query engine that provides sub-second performance on massive volumes of data, giving data consumers the power to explore data and create BI dashboards. Dremio Sonar can query data in multiple table formats and in other repositories, such as relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Dremio Arctic is an intelligent metastore that automatically optimizes data and makes data as easy to work with as code. Individual data products are highly available and easy to maintain, and data consumers have the flexibility to use multiple engines for different use cases.
  • Dremio’s semantic layer enables self-service access for data consumers to create, manage, and share data products without data engineering support.

Systech offers a wide range of services related to data engineering and data management analytics, cloud strategy, and advanced and predictive analytics. They are well-known for expertise across several industries, including Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, and Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). 

With industry expertise and decades of experience implementing data architectures, Systech is an ideal partner for Dremio.

“Systech Solutions has worked with hundreds of customers around the world,” Mark Lyons, Vice President of Product Management, said. “They understand the value of open data architectures, and they have the knowledge and experience to drive their customers’ data strategy forward with full-stack solutions that deliver insights everywhere.”

“We’re excited that Systech Solutions is joining our partner ecosystem,” Alan Gibson, Chief Revenue Officer for Dremio, said. “As our customers move to a modern, open data architecture, Systech’s expertise will be vital to their successful transformation.”

Over the next several months, Systech and Dremio are planning a series of educational webinars and blog posts focused on their vision for a data mesh solution with Dremio. Stay tuned for dates and times.

About Systech Solutions, Inc.

Systech Solutions, Inc. is a modern Technology, Data and Analytics Consulting firm that connects strategy and delivery. With 25+ years of experience, Systech Solutions, Inc. partners with clients to drive real innovation in their business, helping them transform and grow. With expertise in Cloud, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, we deliver data-driven solutions to help businesses build a more empowered, intelligent and connected enterprise. For more information on Systech Solutions, Inc., please visit

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