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DataOps: A New Methodology for Data Lakehouse Management

Simplify data lake management at scale with DataOps — a new paradigm taking software engineering principles of source code repositories and treating your data as code. Watch this webinar to learn new capabilities for data lake management as we discuss DataOps best practices.


Blog Post

How Project Nessie Improves DataOps for the Lakehouse

The open-source Project Nessie enables enterprises to improve DataOps by controlling consistent versions of data in the lakehouse.


Blog Post

The SQL Lakehouse: Principles and Best Practices

The SQL lakehouse is a subset of cloud data platforms to simplifies support for high-performance BI workloads. Read this blog to learn about the SQL lakehouse.


Blog Post

Your Path to the Cloud Data Lake – Navigating the Thorny Path of Migration

Cloud migrations present a circuitous and thorny path in the best of circumstances. This blog introduces guidelines for architects and data engineers to plan and execute successful migrations.


Blog Post

Business Intelligence on the Cloud Data Lake, Part 2: Improving the Productivity of Data Engineers

What’s the best measure of success for data pipeline efficiency? This blog charts the rise of business intelligence (BI) on the cloud data lake, explained its appeal from an architectural and performance perspective, and recommended ways to design effective data lakes for BI.


Blog Post

Business Intelligence on the Cloud Data Lake, Part 1: Why It Arose, and How to Architect For It

Innovative data science, and the data volumes and varieties it requires, find a natural home in the data lake. But the latest generation of cloud-native data lakes also hosts a rising share of mainstream business intelligence (BI) projects.

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