SourceForge: Q&A with Dremio: on Big Data, Open Source Project, and Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service Platform

February 5, 2019

In this fantastic Q&A by Zenica Joy from SourceForge, our CEO, Tomer Shiran covers the most important and impactful details about Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service platform.

Here are the highlights:

“Dremio was created to fundamentally change the way data consumers discover, curate, share, and analyze data from any source, at any time, and at any scale. Dremio works with existing data, so rather than first consolidating all your data into a new silo, Dremio is able to access data where it is currently managed. Second, Dremio is designed for governed self-service, providing an experience like Google Docs for datasets, making it easy for data consumers to work independently and at their own pace while continuing to use their favorite BI and data science tools. Finally, Dremio solves the hard problem of data acceleration with a patented feature called Data Reflections, which can accelerate data from existing system by up to 1000x in many deployments.

Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service platform is frequently deployed on top of multiple database, file system, and object store sources, then made available for data consumers to discover and analyze the data themselves. For example, a common pattern is to deploy Dremio on top of a data lake (eg, Amazon S3, Hadoop, ADLS) and relational databases. A Tableau user can then use Dremio to first search a catalog to discover datasets that are appropriate for their given task, then easily join data between the data lake and a relational database for interactive access on large volumes of data.”

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