Protocol: As data lake and data warehouse models show more signs of convergence, what type of service will be layered on next?

October 26, 2021

As data lake and data warehouse models show more signs of convergence, what type of service will be layered on next?

This is the highlight from Anders Ranum, a Partner at Sapphire Ventures:

There is incredible gravity to the data lakes and data warehouses, so customers are naturally layering additional services on top. With maturation of open data ecosystems such as data lakes, innovation will thrive and benefit from the standards emerging. Here are a few.

Data catalog and governance: Companies will need to continue investing in tools and frameworks that help govern and manage data and meta data such as Atlan or Sapphire portfolio company Alation. While each vendor will have basic capabilities, we will see services spanning multicloud vendors and a diverse set of data-management tools to deliver common semantic layer and shared usage.

The mixing of real-time and near real-time data: We will increasingly see the ability to run queries against your data lakes and on streaming data with tools like Redpanda and Kafka now that vendors like Dremio (a Sapphire portfolio company) close the performance and latency gap of data lakes.

There will be continued growth of analytics and machine-learning services taking advantage of data residing in a common destination, while capitalizing on the compute performance of these vendors. Specifically, I think there will be more data engineering tools and future innovations focusing on enterprise use cases. Also, low-code/no-code tools will help additional people gather insight from their data.

It has never been more exciting to think about the possibilities for providing meritocracy to data access and understanding and we have barely started — and the convergence of this space makes this a possibility.

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