Embracing open data architecture

December 5, 2023

Matt Peachey, Vice President, International at Dremio, argues that open is the smart way forward for data management

For the past decades, data has been propelling business operations. Whether an organisation offers tangible goods or intangible services, crucial information about partners, workforce, processes, and clients forms the backbone of a company's wellbeing. At the heart of any computing system is data storage, therefore the selection of the appropriate solution to store it will significantly impact how efficiently an organisation's network and accompanying infrastructure cater to the business requirements.

The primary expectation from a data storage system is to safely keep valuable data while allowing users and applications to retrieve it seamlessly and swiftly when required. However, with the volume of data growing exponentially and never deleted, businesses started to add more storage capacity.

The issue deepens where data warehouse vendors store data in a proprietary format. Data gets locked into the platform, making it difficult and costly to extract if and when a business wants to. Further, maintaining and troubleshooting issues often require teams with deep subject matter expertise in the ecosystem - an expensive outlay.

Given the multitude of data storage alternatives and system setups, organisations can get dragged into the rabbit hole whilst adding more data to their systems - a very inefficient approach. Organisations must embrace open-source standards, technologies and formats to ensure fast and cost-effective analytics with the best engine for each workload. This provides the agility to innovate with the next wave of technology without draining resources or time.

Read the full article here.

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