DZone: How Has the Role of the DBA Changed?

January 2, 2018

Our founder and CEO Tomer Shiran and I weighed in on how the role of a database administrator has changed as part of a big data strategy. You can read more about it in How Has the Role of the DBA Changed?.

One of the key takeaways regarding infrastructure and platforms:

“The most successful organizations who have adopted a big data strategy have evolved the role of database administrators into broader administrators of new forms of data infrastructure that include NoSQL databases as well as Hadoop. Combined with data developers who can develop data management logic, data scientists who can manipulate and prepare the data, and data analysts in the lines of business, the database administrator is an essential part of operating a big data strategy. The role of the DBA has now become dependent on more intelligent tools that can manage and report on data infrastructure and processes across a wide variety of databases and technology frameworks. For example, these tools have the capability to monitor and optimize the utilization and capacity of data infrastructure resources across the enterprise.”

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