Dremio Unveils Next-Gen Reflections: A Leap Forward in Accelerating SQL Query Performance on the Data Lakehouse

September 14, 2023

 Dremio has announced the launch of its next-generation Reflections technology, advancing the landscape of SQL query acceleration. Dremio Reflections pave the way for sub-second analytics performance across an organization’s entire data ecosystem, regardless of where the data resides.

This transformative technology redefines data access and analysis, ensuring that insights can be derived swiftly and efficiently and at 1/3 the cost of a cloud data warehouse.

Reflections are Dremio’s innovative SQL query acceleration technology. Queries using Reflections often run 10 to 100 times faster than unaccelerated queries. The new launch introduces Dremio Reflection Recommender, a ground-breaking capability that lets you accelerate Business Intelligence workloads in seconds. Reflection Recommender automatically evaluates an organization’s SQL queries and generates a recommended Reflection to accelerate them. Reflection Recommender eliminates arduous manual data and workload analysis, ensuring the fastest, most intelligent queries are effortless and only a few keystrokes away. Reflection Recommender is easy to use and puts advanced query acceleration technology into the hands of all users, saving significant time and cost.

Andy Kenna, senior vice president and head of data at RenaissanceRe, attests to the impact of Dremio Reflections, saying, “Dremio slashed our query times by over 99%, massively reducing our analytics costs. We had a production query that took 70 minutes to return. We deployed Dremio on top of Amazon S3, and query time dropped to 33 seconds. With Dremio Reflections, the query time was accelerated even further to just three seconds. We’re all blown away by the shocking performance we get from Dremio and Reflections.”

Read the full story here.

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