Dremio leverages generative AI for data discovery with Text-to-SQL and more new features

June 15, 2023

Data lakehouse company Dremio Corp. is jumping on the generative artificial intelligence bandwagon, launching a new Text-to-SQL capability today and announcing additional features to come later.

The company said the updates are all about empowering customers with more innovative tools for data exploration, analysis and discovery across both cloud and on-premises systems.

Dremio is a startup backed by more than $410 million in funding, offering a data lakehouse platform that enables companies to access information that’s stored across various clouds and on-premises servers from one location, without moving it. In that way, its customers can combine and analyze massive amounts of data, no matter where it’s stored, to try to discover helpful business insights.

The new Text-to-SQL Experience refers to a tool that enables users to specify what they’re trying to query in natural language. The tool will then translate those queries into Structured Query Language code. In other words, it’s making data discovery more accessible, as users without SQL skills will be able to create queries themselves – something that wasn’t possible before. Dremio said Text-to-SQL translation is based on a semantic understanding of metadata and data, and enables extremely accurate SQL generation.

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