Dremio Announces General Availability on Microsoft Azure

March 26, 2024

 Dremio, the unified lakehouse platform for self-service analytics, today announced the general availability of Dremio Cloud on Microsoft Azure. This SaaS solution brings users closer to their data with lakehouse flexibility, scalability, and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouses.

Dremio Cloud’s intuitive unified analytics, high-performance SQL query engine, and lakehouse management service for next-gen dataops let organizations shift left for a faster time to insight. Dremio Cloud enables companies to rapidly drive value from their data by delivering market-leading query performance with increased flexibility, while also decreasing costs.

“With Dremio Cloud on Azure, we have the ability to shift from just standard reporting to leveraging a data set as a product. Using Iceberg and Dremio’s Lakehouse Management capability, we can easily version our data sets and literally run them as a product,” said Tian De Klerk, director, data engineering and reporting, S&P Global.

Dremio Cloud on Azure’s next-generation architecture puts security and infrastructure flexibility at the forefront. By providing end-to-end TLS encryption, it delivers higher levels of data security and ensures that critical data is protected. The architecture ensures that customers can control their data within their own Azure tenant, in storage services such as Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS). This model ensures that no customer data resides within the Dremio environment and reassures customers that they maintain control of their data and that it is always secure.

Read the full story here.

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