Dremio Announces AI-Powered Data Discovery Capabilities

December 1, 2023

According to a new press release, data lakehouse platform Dremio unveiled AI-powered data discovery capabilities to enhance data contextualization and simplify analytics. Building on its generative AI text-to-SQL features, Dremio now incorporates GenAI-powered data documentation and labeling, reducing manual effort and providing comprehensive business context for analytics. This positions Dremio as an accessible analytics platform, offering faster and more accurate data insights for all users. Mark Sear, director of data at Maersk, praised the transformative capabilities of generative AI, emphasizing its role in streamlining data analytics for quicker and more precise understanding of data.

Dremio further solidifies its position as a leading analytics engine for Apache Iceberg, an open table format endorsed by major tech companies. The release introduces a unified path to Iceberg for all data, simplifying adoption through one-click command ingestion into Iceberg tables. Dremio’s capabilities extend to seamlessly converting raw data from various sources into Apache Iceberg, supporting migration from less performant formats to a modern, open table format that combines data warehouse functionality on the data lake, constituting a data lakehouse. Tomer Shiran, founder of Dremio, highlights the platform as the fastest and most advanced query engine for Apache Iceberg, emphasizing the ease with which companies can adopt Iceberg for enhanced performance, flexibility, and cost savings.

Read more via Dataversity.

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