42 Data Management Predictions from 30 Experts for 2022

December 9, 2021

As part of Solutions Review’s third-annual #BIInsightJam, Solutions Review called for the industry’s best and brightest to share their data management predictions for 2022.

Tomer Shiran, Founder and CPO at Dremio presented 2 data management predictions for 2022:

Data Warehouses are Dead! Hello Open Data Architectures

“Newer technologies like data lakehouses will gain even more traction in 2022 because they have more to offer the enterprise than older data warehouse models that lock them in and drive up costs. Companies are more budget-conscious than ever and will be reevaluating their data management systems. With a lakehouse architecture, there’s no need to ETL data from the lake into the warehouse.”

Data Lakes Become the Preferred Platform for All Companies

“Functionality of data lakes will get even easier to use, making them as easy to get started with as any data warehouse. Even non-technical workers will be able to easily get up and running on a data lake – thus eliminating the complexity and high costs of older data warehouse models. As a result of these significant cost savings and lower barriers to entry, we can expect to see smaller companies and start-ups embrace this model, in addition to larger companies.”

About Dremio

Dremio reimagines the data lake service to deliver faster time to analytics, eliminating the need for expensive proprietary systems. Dremio eliminates the need to copy and move data to proprietary data warehouses or create cubes, aggregation tables and BI extracts, providing flexibility and control for Data Architects, and self-service for data consumers. Founded in 2015, Dremio is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Investors include Cisco Investments, Insight Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and Sapphire Ventures. For more information, visit www.dremio.com. Connect with Dremio on GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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