DBTA: Big Data Professionals Give 11 Predictions for Cloud’s Evolution in 2020

Dec 26, 2019

Tomer Shiran - Dremio CEO shares with us via this DBTA article how cloud data warehouses will turn out to be a Big Data detour. Here’s the highlight:

“Given the tremendous cost and complexity associated with traditional on-premise data warehouses, it wasn’t surprising that a new generation of cloud-native enterprise data warehouse emerged. But savvy enterprises have figured out that cloud data warehouses are just a better implementation of a legacy architecture, and so they’re avoiding the detour and moving directly to a next-generation architecture built around cloud data lakes. In this new architecture data doesn’t get moved or copied, there is no data warehouse, and no associated ETL, cubes, or other workarounds. We predict 75% of the global 2000 will be in production or in pilot with a cloud data lake in 2020, using multiple best-of breed engines for different use cases across data science, data pipelines, BI, and interactive/ad-hoc analysis.”

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