Contributing to Dremio Hub

Dremio encourages submissions from developers for new connectors to add to the Dremio ecosystem.

To contribute a new connector to Dremio Hub, please follow the instructions below to share your work with other developers and the Dremio community. To make it easy for members to contribute, submissions should be hosted on GitHub.

Dremio Hub connectors must be provided as open source under the Apache 2.0 license and contributors must agree to the Dremio Hub contributor agreement.

Submission Information

To contribute a new connector to Dremio Hub please submit the requested information below to [email protected]. After providing the above information a member of the Dremio team will reach out to you to complete the submission process.

  • Connector Name: Name of source system
  • Connector Author: Name of individual contributor or organization
  • Description: One paragraph description of connector and source system
  • Instructions: Any instructions or documentation specific to the connector, including configuration an settings
  • JAR Link: Link to pre-built jar file
  • Source Link: Link to source for connector on GitHub
  • JDBC Link: Link to source system’s webpage with instructions to download JDBC driver
  • Screenshot: At least one visual of the connector properties setup page
  • Version: SW version of connector, initial can be 1.0, used to distinguish future submissions
  • Icon: Icon for the source system, in *.svg or *.png format
  • Contact: Email contact
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