Dremio Editions

Whether you run Dremio on AWS, Azure or on-prem, you’ll get industry-leading query speed, cost-per-query efficiency and unrivaled simplicity—in just a few clicks. Drive unprecedented time to insight and dramatic cost savings for your data analytics.

Deploy Dremio

Dremio Features for AWS, Azure and on-prem editions

Feature Dremio Community Dremio Enterprise
Unlimited Users, Unlimited Queries standard standard
Apache Arrow-powered Execution Engine standard standard
Self-Service Semantic Layer standard standard
Source Connectors & Ecosystem Integration standard standard
Production Grade standard standard
Data Reflections standard standard
Columnar Cloud Cache standard standard
Predictive Pipelining standard standard
Elastic Engines AWS AWS
Parallel Projects AWS AWS
Automatic Backups AWS AWS
Workload Management AWS standard
Community Support standard standard
Enterprise Support no standard
Sharing Permissions (dataset/source/etc) no standard
Roles no standard
LDAP & SSO Authentication no standard
Personal Access Tokens no standard
Inbound Impersonation no standard
Data Lineage no standard
Yarn Provisioning limited limited
  • standard: Standard features
  • additional: Dremio AWS Edition only
  • limited: Dremio for Azure and on-prem only

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