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Deploy Dremio on AWS

Dremio’s Data Lake Engine delivers lightning fast query speed and a self-service semantic layer operating directly against S3.

Deploy via EKS Evaluate via CloudFormation

Lightning-fast queries directly on S3

Apache Arrow, Data Reflections, and other Dremio technologies work together to speed up queries by up to 1,000x.

  1. Arrow Flight

    Parallel zero-copy RPC between client & Dremio

  2. Columnar Execution

    Elastic Apache Arrow-based vectorized execution

  3. Data Reflections

    Patent-pending indexing & aggregation technology

  4. Columnar Cloud Cache (C3)

    Real-time, distributed NVMe caching & prefetching

Self-service semantic layer

Analysts and data scientists can discover, explore and curate data using Dremio’s intuitive UI, while IT maintains governance and security.

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Live joins between S3 & other AWS data sources

Join S3 with Redshift, RDS, EMR, MongoDB, and more – Dremio ships with over a dozen connectors, and Dremio Hub includes many more. You can even join across clouds.

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Flexible and open

Dremio accesses your existing data in S3. You don't have to send your data to Dremio, or have it stored in proprietary formats that lock you in.

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Strong security for AWS

Dremio has native support for multiple AWS security utilities for enterprise users, including configurable IAM roles, storage of credentials in AWS Secrets Manager, and server-side encryption for S3 objects.

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Deploy your data lake engine on AWS with a few clicks.

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