Lightning-Fast Queries of Your S3 Data

Launch Dremio in your AWS account and start querying your data in minutes. Our brief step-by-step guide will take you from locating, configuring and launching Dremio all the way through accessing your new Dremio instance and creating your first project.

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We’ve architected for extreme speed, simplicity and per-query cost-efficiency

Streamlined, highly automated and production-grade, Dremio combines an Apache Arrow-based query engine with proprietary acceleration technologies to speed queries directly on your existing S3 data by up to 100x. With Dremio, you get maximum performance for all your queries with minimum EC2 costs.

Dremio is flexible and open: your data stays in S3, not in some other proprietary format that locks you in, and your analysts and data scientists can immediately begin discovering and exploring in real-time using Dremio’s intuitive UI and governed self-service experience.

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Enjoy a service-like experience in your own AWS account

Get the best of both worlds—a service-like experience without the complexity and overhead of traditional software, combined with all data and compute running in your own AWS VPC account. With Dremio’s newest AWS-optimized capabilities—parallel projects and elastic engines—we’ve automated the entire process of deploying, running, scaling and protecting Dremio on your AWS data lake.

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Automated deployment, optimized configuration

Automated updates & upgrades

Automated elastic scale

Automated backups

Drive data lake insights on demand

Whether you’re a data engineer creating data pipelines and delivering datasets, a data architect building next generation cloud data lakes or a data analyst or data scientist delivering business intelligence and insights to lines of business—Dremio transforms analytics workflows for everyone.

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Control your data, slash infrastructure costs by 90%

Maintain full control over your data. Within your AWS account, Dremio’s control plane and execution engines operate in EC2, while your data stays in S3. No data movement, no ETL/ELT into downstream data warehouses or data marts. Dremio is available for free, and it’s extreme performance per execution engine and ability to eliminate idle compute (and associated EC2 costs) mean you can get the performance you need with less than 1/10th the compute infrastructure and >90% lower compute costs vs. typical over-provisioned SQL engine approaches. Enterprise security features and support are available via a paid subscription.

Optionally join with other data

Join the majority of your data living in S3 with data from Redshift, RDS, EMR, MongoDB and others without ETL. Powerful joining abilities mean your data is always accessible—even across clouds. Dremio ships with over a dozen connectors, and Dremio Hub includes many more.

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Access strong security for AWS

Dremio has native support for multiple AWS security utilities for enterprise users, including configurable IAM roles, storage of credentials in AWS Secrets Manager and server-side encryption for S3 objects.

Leverage AWS-specific configurations

Speed deployments with click-to-launch simplicity: single deployment choices make it easy, while best practices and all performance features are automatically configured. When needed, seamlessly upgrade to the paid edition.

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Get started today

Leverage an advanced, production-grade data lake engine with unlimited users and queries—for free!

When you’re ready, enable additional enterprise security and governance features plus Dremio support via a paid subscription. Contact Dremio for details.

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Feature Dremio AWS Edition
Unlimited Users, Unlimited Queries free
Apache Arrow-powered Execution Engine free
Self-Service Semantic Layer free
Source Connectors & Ecosystem Integration free
Production Grade free
Data Reflections free
Columnar Cloud Cache free
Predictive Pipelining free
Elastic Engines free
Parallel Projects free
Automatic Backups free
Reflection List free
Workload Management free
Community Support free
Enterprise Support
Sharing Permissions (dataset/source/etc) additional
Roles additional
LDAP & SSO Authentication additional
Personal Access Tokens additional
Inbound Impersonation additional
Data Lineage additional
  • free: Dremio, available free
  • additional: Dremio Enterprise, including additional security & governance features plus Dremio support, available via a paid subscription

Deploy your data lake engine on AWS in minutes.