Shrirang Kamat

Director, Product Management, Dremio

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Blog Post

Vectorized Reading of Parquet V2 Improves Performance Up To 75%

We are thrilled to announce the release of an enhanced vectorized Parquet Reader in Dremio software version 24.3 and Dremio Cloud. This Dremio-exclusive reader improves query performance up to 75% for Parquet datasets encoded with the Parquet V2 encodings.  Apache Parquet-MR Writer version PARQUET_2_0, which is widely adopted by engines that write Parquet data, supports […]


Blog Post

Dremio Reflection Recommender

Dremio Reflection Recommender We are delighted to announce the release of the new Dremio Reflection Recommender. The Reflection Recommender eliminates guesswork by facilitating the creation of Reflections that will accelerate the input query workload. This capability is available now in Dremio Cloud and 24.2 release of Dremio software. Accelerate BI workloads with Reflections in seconds […]


Blog Post

Intelligent Reflection Refresh

We are delighted to announce the release of new Intelligent Reflection Refresh. Now, Dremio will automatically select the fastest and most cost-effective Reflection refresh method based on table operations performed since the last refresh. Prior to this release, Dremio would refresh a Reflection anchored on an Apache Iceberg table from scratch; with this feature, Reflections […]


Blog Post

Announcing DML Support for Apache Iceberg

Use Dremio to run select, create, insert, delete, update, and merge commands directly on your Apache Iceberg tables. Do all your work in one place!

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