Mark Sear

Director of Data Analytics and AI/ML, Maersk

Mark is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with broad-based experience ranging from bootstrapping startups through to major multinationals. His career highlights include achieving results as a visionary tech innovator and “blue sky” thinker as well as consistent delivery of both strategic and tactical solutions.

Mark Sear's Articles and Resources

Gnarly Data Waves Episode

How Maersk is Building A Next Gen Data Lakehouse with Dremio

Transcript Note: This transcript was created using speech recognition software. While it has been reviewed by human transcribers, it may contain errors. Introduction Alex Merced: And with no further ado, let’s get on to our feature presentation. We’re going to be talking about building the next-generation data platform for the supply chain with Dremio’s data […]

Learn how Mearsk is building the next generation data platform for unified analytics on Dremio’s Open Data Lakehouse

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