Deepa Sankar

Vice President, Portfolio Marketing, Dremio

Deepa Sankar is the VP of portfolio marketing at Dremio. Deepa has several years of experience in marketing, product and engineering in data and analytics space. Prior to Dremio, Deepa headed the Cloud/iPaaS Product Marketing at Informatica. Before Informatica, Deepa was an entrepreneur with a mission to make the world a safer place for kids.

Deepa Sankar's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

Dremio Cloud – Infinite scale with cost efficiency

Read this blog to learn about Dremio Cloud – the infinitely scalable, cost-efficient SQL Lakehouse Platform – and how it enables high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on cloud data lake storage.


Blog Post

What is a Data Lakehouse? What are the benefits?

A data lakehouse brings the best of both worlds – data warehouse and data lake.A lakehouse has the performance and optimization of a data warehouse combined with the flexibility of a data lake.


Blog Post

Are you ready for data democratization?

Read this blog to see some examples of organizations who achieved success with a modern, open data architecture.


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