5 minute read · November 12, 2021

Dremio Cloud – Infinite scale with cost efficiency

Deepa Sankar

Deepa Sankar · Vice President, Portfolio Marketing, Dremio

Are You Tired of Slow-Running Queries and Dashboards? Dremio Cloud Is Your Answer!

The infinitely scalable, cost-efficient SQL Lakehouse Platform

Data enables organizations to power better and faster decisions. Making data available and accessible to data consumers along with managing data has become even more critical this year. Today data is accessed through a user’s favorite tools - BI, dashboards, ad hoc reporting, or others. As many data consumers start accessing data with different tools via SQL queries, it causes performance degradation - the underlying data infrastructure should be able to plan, optimize and execute these parallel queries and return results without clogging. Often this is overcome by moving data into a data warehouse and further copying and aggregating that data into cubes and external exports. Imagine the number of copies that get created? Imagine the lack of freshness of data? And how many data engineers does it take to build and maintain these data pipelines? Are the business users happy? As data explodes, this problem is exacerbated with performance degradation and increasing cost of query optimization. How do you address it? How can Dremio Cloud help you achieve your data goals?

Dremio Cloud

Dremio Cloud is a fully managed SQL lakehouse platform. It enables high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on cloud data lake storage through seamless integrations with Tableau, Power BI and other BI tools. And how does it do that?

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Let’s explore:

No software to install or configure - Dremio Cloud is a true SaaS that doesn’t require any software to be installed, configured or upgraded.

Lightning-fast queries directly on the cloud data lake - The Dremio Query Engine comprises Columnar Cloud Cache (C3) and Data Reflections, which work alongside Apache Arrow and Arrow Flight to make queries on your data lake storage fast.

Easy to use semantic layer - The purpose of a semantic layer is to expose a business representation of an organization’s data assets so that it can be accessed using common business terms. This abstraction layer hides the underlying complexities of where and how the data is physically stored and organized. Semantic layers establish views called virtual datasets (VDS) into an organization’s data assets without the overhead and complexity of copying data. Data consumers interact with the objects in the semantic layer.

Global control plane - When data consumers are running queries via BI tools or other analytical tools, these queries need to be planned and optimized to get best performance. The control plane, a multi-tenant, always-on service, enables global query planning, routing and management. It offers a single pane of glass for all data management.

Execution and data plane - Once the queries are planned and optimized, the execution plane executes queries that are sent from the control plane. The execution plane resides in the organization’s cloud account (VPC) and the data stays in the organization’s cloud bucket. This plane consists of one or more compute engines which are automatically provisioned as needed by the control plane. Compute engines are available in a range of predetermined sizes, with each size corresponding to a certain number of EC2 virtual machines, each running on a particular instance type. For example, a company can have a medium (M) engine for executive dashboards, a large (L) engine for batch jobs and an extra-large (XL) engine for data science queries.

Infinite scaling and limitless concurrency - The control plane’s microservices architecture auto-scales to plan and optimize millions of queries in parallel, and the engines in the execution plane auto-replicate to execute any workload that is routed to them. The result is that organizations no longer have to worry about capacity or perform sizing exercises.

Security and governance - Dremio is designed from the ground up to deliver industry-leading, enterprise-grade infrastructure security and is purpose-built to provide the industry’s highest levels of security with multiple layers of protection. This can be at different levels including organization, cloud, project or data entity.

Dremio Cloud offers a number of benefits. Most importantly - running lightning-fast parallel queries that deliver sub-second response time, better price performance, data teams need not waste time on software installation or upgrades, do complex sizing exercises or worry about paying during idle time.

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