Akihiro Tatematsu

Principal Database Engineer, Rakuten

Akihiro Tatematsu is a Principal Database Engineer for Rakuten Group. He joined Rakuten Group in 1010. He has experience managing relational databases, DC migration, and other projects as an Oracle DBA up until 2015. Since then, he has managed MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, and Couchbase as a NoSQL DBA team leader. In 2019, he participted in MongoDB World and MondoDB.local Bengaluru as a speaker. In 2020, he was a speaker at Creationline Day as a speaker. In 2022, he worked as an instructor at the Nagaoka University of Technology.

Akihiro Tatematsu's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

NoSQL Database and Hybrid Cloud Usage Scenarios at Rakuten Travel

Rakuten Travel uses many NoSQL databases in our service and all run in the private cloud in Rakuten. For several reasons, we wanted to use both private and public clouds. For example, high availability was fully achieved in the multi-region…

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