5 minute read · August 4, 2022

Dremio Cloud Now Available on the AWS Marketplace!

Youssef Shoukry

Youssef Shoukry · Senior Director of Product Management, Dremio

With data volumes growing at unprecedented rates, data teams need to provide quick and easy access to data for a wide range of technical and non-technical data consumers. Earlier this year, we launched Dremio Cloud, the fully-managed SaaS solution created with one goal in mind: to make creating, managing, and leveraging data lakehouses for analytics easier than ever. 

Today, I’m super excited to share that Dremio Cloud is available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace!

Dremio is the easy and open data lakehouse. An intuitive UI enables data teams to get started with analytics in minutes, and offers the flexibility to use Dremio’s lightning-fast SQL query service as well as other data processing engines. Dremio Cloud increases agility with a revolutionary data-as-code approach that adopts Git concepts to enable data experimentation, version control, and governance. In addition, Dremio breaks down data silos by simplifying ingestion into the lakehouse, and allowing queries directly on databases and data warehouses.

The Dremio Open Lakehouse Platform

Dremio Cloud is a fully-managed solution that makes setting up your data lakehouse a breeze. It’s built for SQL and based on open source technologies that both data engineers and data analysts love. 

SQL for Everyone: Dremio delivers all the performance and functionality of a data warehouse directly on the data lake. Dremio's intuitive and self-service UI enables users to access more data and make better business decisions in a fraction of the time.

Any Data: Enrich your analyses and blend lakehouse data that's not yet in the lake, with connectors to a variety of external databases. Create a single source of truth for your data that can be leveraged by all downstream users and apps.

Fully-Managed: Focus on insights, not administration. Start in minutes with an open lakehouse architecture, without worrying about software to install, configure, or upgrade. Scale automatically to meet the needs of your business.

Getting Started with Dremio Cloud is Easy!

Today, we’re announcing the availability of Dremio Cloud - Enterprise Edition on the AWS Marketplace. Dremio Cloud - Standard Edition remains free and available for all users to sign-up and get started right away at www.dremio.com/get-started.

For users looking for additional enterprise capabilities available in Dremio Cloud - Enterprise Edition, they can purchase directly from the AWS Marketplace. There are two ways to purchase Dremio Cloud:

  1. Prepay a fixed amount of Dremio Consumption Units (DCUs).
  2. Pay through your AWS Marketplace account with a custom offer that suits your needs.

Get Started Today!

Get started with Dremio Cloud using this self-paced guide that walks you through the first steps to connecting to cloud data lake storage and running queries directly on your data. 

Also check out the new Dremio Cloud - Enterprise Edition AWS Marketplace listing here!

Ready to Get Started?

Bring your users closer to the data with organization-wide self-service analytics and lakehouse flexibility, scalability, and performance at a fraction of the cost. Run Dremio anywhere with self-managed software or Dremio Cloud.