Apache Ranger

What is Apache Ranger?

Apache Ranger is an open-source security framework used by big data platforms such as Hadoop and Apache Kafka. It provides centralized security policy administration to manage user and group access policies, authorization rules, and auditing policies. By integrating with existing big data platforms, Apache Ranger ensures its security policies can be applied across the entire big data infrastructure.

How Apache Ranger works

Apache Ranger works by providing a centralized administration portal to create, edit, and deploy security policies. Policies can be based on a variety of criteria, including user identity, IP address, time of day, and even data sensitivity level. Apache Ranger also integrates with popular big data platforms such as Hadoop and Kafka to enforce these policies.

Why Apache Ranger is important

Apache Ranger is important because it offers a centralized way to manage security policies across big data platforms. With the increasing need for regulatory compliance and protection of sensitive data, Apache Ranger provides a way to ensure that policies are consistently applied and that access to sensitive data is controlled. It also simplifies the management of multiple security policies across different big data platforms, reducing the risk of errors and security gaps.

The most important Apache Ranger use cases

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) enforcement: Apache Ranger enables the creation and management of RBAC policies for big data platforms.
  • Data masking: Apache Ranger can mask sensitive data based on user privilege levels, ensuring sensitive data is not visible to unauthorized users.
  • Encryption: Apache Ranger can provide encryption policies to protect data at rest and in transit.
  • Audit logging: Apache Ranger provides audit logs to track user activity, including the use of sensitive data.

Other technologies or terms that are closely related to Apache Ranger

Other technologies that are closely related to Apache Ranger include Apache Sentry and Apache Knox. Apache Sentry provides fine-grained access control to data stored in Apache Hadoop, while Apache Knox provides secure perimeter access to Hadoop clusters.

Why Dremio users would be interested in Apache Ranger

Dremio users would be interested in Apache Ranger because it provides a centralized security framework for big data platforms. By integrating with Apache Ranger, Dremio can take advantage of its security policies to ensure that user access is controlled and that sensitive data is protected. Apache Ranger also provides audit logging, which can be useful for tracking user activity on Dremio-based data pipelines.

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