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Dremio is a new approach to data analytics. Make your tools better and your teams more productive.

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Dremio provides a quantum leap in performance, based on four areas of innovation.

  • Apache Arrow Execution

    From 1 to 1000+ nodes, run on dedicated infrastructure or in your Hadoop cluster, via YARN.

  • Dremio Reflections™

    Optimized physical data structures that accelerate data and queries automatically.

  • Native Push-Downs

    Optimized query semantics for each data source – relational, NoSQL, HDFS, Amazon S3, and more.

  • Universal Relational Algebra

    Cost-based query planner automatically substitutes plans to make optimal use of Dremio Reflections™.

Analyze all your data from one place. With any tool, instantly.

  • Native integrations to Relational, NoSQL, Hadoop, S3, and more.

  • Optimized query push downs for all sources.

  • Live connect with any BI tool, Python, R, or SQL. No extracts.

A new perspective on Data Lineage, across all your data and tools.

  • Visualize how your data is queried, transformed, and joined across sources.

  • Analyze data lineage across all data sources and all data pipelines.

  • Understand security threat impact and error remediation downstream.

Curate your data and share with your team. Build together.

  • Discover data from all your sources.

  • Filter, transform, and join any data source to curate for your needs.

  • Share your work with your team to build together.

Dremio runs on dedicated infrastructure, or in your Hadoop cluster.

  • On Dedicated Infrastructure

    On Dedicated Infrastructure
  • On Hadoop

    On Hadoop