TechRepublic: How query speed can solve data silo issues

June 20, 2019

In this article, Dremio’s CEO - Tomer Shiran - discusses how with onslaught of big data, companies continue to face uphill challenges in data aggregation for better queries.

These are some interesting takeaways:

“There are really two elements that are needed so companies can perform effective and speedy data queries, the first requirement is that you have to be able to access and query your data regardless of where it resides. For example, you might need to run a query across data contained in both AWS S3 and in an Oracle database.

“The second requirement is that you want speed of data query. Taking time to consolidate all data into a central data repository by using techniques such as ETL can’t provide this—nor can simultaneous access to a diversity of data marts and silos that are distributed across the company. What you need is a way to accelerate your data queries.”

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