DZone: The Plight of the Data Consumer

December 13, 2017

DZone published an article by our CTO, Jacques Nadeau, about Apache Arrow. It places the Arrow in a broad data access context, and explains how Arrow is improving the lives of data consumers. The article is called The Plight of the Data Consumer.

Here’s a nice quote from Jacques:

“When we conceived of Arrow back in 2016, we realized that interoperability would not appeal to anyone’s project until there were other projects already using it. This is a classic chicken-and-egg problem. The solution to this was to provide not only a specification but also plug-and-play functionality including a rich metadata/type system and processing libraries in multiple languages. This would make Arrow beneficial to any single project that’s using it. For example, you can read about how Pandas is being rearchitected on top of Arrow here.”

It’s remarkable how fast Apache Arrow has caught on in the past year, and we expect even more uptake in 2018.


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