Dremio Software Support Policy

Last updated: March 15, 2023

Dremio provides Support of eligible software under the terms of this Software Support Policy as long as Customer maintains a current subscription to Support pursuant to the license agreement and applicable order form(s) between Customer and Dremio (collectively, the “Agreement”). “Support” means the services described in this Software Support Policy and does not include one-time services or other services not specified in this Software Support Policy, such as training, consulting services or custom development.

1. Supported Software

Support only covers the software delivered to Customer by Dremio under the Agreement (“Supported Software”) when used and installed on platforms or systems in accordance with the end-user documentation made available by Dremio with the Supported Software (available at https://docs.dremio.com/), as may be modified by Dremio from time to time (“Documentation”).

2. Support Contacts

Support may be initiated and managed only by Customer’s Support Contacts. “Support Contacts” are named individuals who are responsible for administration of the Supported Software within the Customer's organization. Customer may designate the number of Support Contacts that correspond with its Subscription Level as set forth in Table 1 below. Customer shall only designate as Support Contacts those individuals who have been trained and are knowledgeable in the operation of the Supported Software and who have sufficient permissions and authority to administer the Supported Software in Customer’s environment. Additional Support Contacts may be available for an additional fee. Dremio reserves the right to conduct a Support Contacts assessment and remove contacts to stay in line with the table below.

Subscription LevelBronzeSilverGold
Number of Support Contacts 3 5 10

3. Updates

As part of Support, and at no additional license fee, Dremio will provide Customer with all new versions (“Updates”) of the Supported Software that it generally releases, including all improvements, enhancements and bug fixes. All Updates are provided to Customer subject to the terms of the Agreement. Support does not include any item that Dremio licenses separately from the Supported Software or that Dremio makes available for an additional fee.

4. Support Terms

Dremio will provide reasonable product and technical support to address questions concerning use of the Supported Software, as follows:

  • Informational Support. Dremio will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide reasonable product and technical support to address questions regarding use of the Supported Software (which are not the result of an Error) (“Issue”) that are submitted by Customer’s Support Contacts.
  • “Error” Support. Dremio will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any Errors submitted by Customer’s Support Contacts. Such efforts may include helping with diagnosis, suggesting workarounds, providing patches, or making a change to the Supported Software in a new release. An “Error” is a material and verifiable failure of the Supported Software to conform to its Documentation.  

Support Contacts may initiate Support through the use of the Support Portal available at https://support.dremio.com (the “Support Portal”). Support is provided in the English language only. 

Issues and Errors raised outside of the Support Portal are not subject to the Service Levels outlined in the Software Support Policy.

5. Support Limitations

Support will not be provided with respect to Issues or Errors resulting from the following: (1) use of the Supported Software in a manner inconsistent with the applicable Documentation, including failure to follow implementation procedures, or (2) Customer’s failure to replace earlier versions of the Software with Updates made available to Customer, or (3) modifications to the Supported Software not provided by Dremio, or (4) use of the Supported Software with products or software not provided or approved by Dremio in the Documentation (or otherwise in writing). Customer shall not submit Issues or Errors arising from any software other than the Supported Software or otherwise use Support for unsupported software.

6. Service Levels

When a Support Contact submits an Issue or reports an Error, Dremio will reasonably assess its priority according to the appropriate priority levels defined below (‘Urgent,’ ‘High,’ ‘Normal’ or ‘Low’ for Errors, and ‘Normal’ or ‘Low’ for Issues). Dremio will confirm the priority level with Customer and will attempt to resolve any disagreement regarding the priority designation as soon as is reasonably practicable. Urgent and High priority levels are not available for non-production environments.

For support Errors where the business impact has changed or was not initially correctly stated, Customer should post an update in the existing ticket requesting Dremio to increase the priority level designation of the ticket according to the Service Level definitions. 

The Support Contacts should indicate their preferred Support Region in their respective user profiles. Note that each Support Region provides Support eight (8) hours per day, five (5) days per week, weekends and holidays excluded. Ticket submissions that do not qualify for 24x7 support will receive a response on business days in the Customer’s selected Support Region. 

The Service Level refers to the initial response time by Dremio in response to an Issue or Error reported to Dremio by Customer through the Support Portal. Dremio’s undertakings hereunder are not intended to indicate resolution timeframes for a reported Issue or Error. 

Initial Response Time

by Subscription Level

Ticket PriorityBronze SilverGold
Urgent1 Business Hour1 Hour 24x71 Hour 24x7
High4 Business Hours4 Business Hours4 Hours 24x7
Normal1 Business Day1 Business Day1 Business Day
Low2 Business Days2 Business Days2 Business Days

Urgent” means a catastrophic problem in Customer’s production environment--i.e., the Supported Software is down or seriously impacted, or the Customer data is lost or destroyed, and there is no workaround currently available. Customer cannot continue essential operations.

High” means a high-impact problem in Customer’s production environments--i.e., essential operations are seriously disrupted, but a workaround exists which allows for continued essential operations.

Normal” means a lower impact problem on a production or non-production environment that involves a partial or limited loss of non-critical functionality, or some other problem involving no loss in functionality. Customer can continue essential operations. ‘Normal‘ problems also include all problems on non-production environments, such as test and development environments. 

Low” means a general usage question. It also includes recommendations for requests for new products or features, and requests for enhancements or modifications. There is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the product in a production or non-production environment.

7. Customer Responsibilities

Customer agrees to provide Dremio with data, process information, supporting analysis, and access to Support Contacts, as reasonably required by Dremio to address reported Issues or Errors. Customer is responsible for the adequate duplication and documentation of all its files and data for backup purposes. Customer acknowledges information and materials provided to Dremio by Support Contacts may be used by Dremio for the purpose of providing Support to Customer in accordance with the Software Support Policy. Customer agrees to not provide personally identifiable information (PII) or other information not required to resolve support cases to Dremio.

8. Support Escalation Process

Dremio’s support team is dedicated to partnering with Customer and committed to providing accurate and timely solutions to technical support needs. However, if Customer has encountered an Urgent or High priority Issue or Error within its production environment and is not satisfied with the response or engagement provided by the support team, Customer may file a new ticket requesting an escalation to Support Leadership, referencing the existing ticket and Issue or Error in the escalation request. Customer’s Support Contact should provide contact details including a mobile phone number in the escalation request. The newly created ticket will be routed to Support Leadership who will engage directly with Customer’s Support Contact.

9. End of Life Policy

Versioning Scheme and Maintenance

Dremio uses a versioning scheme consisting of three set of numbers separated by dots: the leftmost set is the number of the Major Release, the middle set is the number of the Minor Release and the rightmost set is the number of the Patch Release (e.g., 24.2.1 means Major Release 24, Minor Release 2, and Patch Release 1).

A “Major Release” means a new version of the Supported Software made generally available by Dremio with substantial improvements, enhancements and bug fixes. Dremio uses the general term "Maintenance Release" to refer to the release of the Supported Software in the forms of Minor Releases and Patch Releases. A “Minor Release” can introduce enhancements, low impact changes, and bug fixes, while a “Patch Release” will contain bug fixes.

Dremio will provide maintenance for each Major Release under the terms of this Support Policy either in the form of Minor Releases or Patch Releases (to the latest Minor Release of a given Major Release). Dremio may also provide Maintenance Releases to fix software errors or to address security vulnerabilities.

As part of providing Support, Dremio may direct a Customer to move to the latest Maintenance Release of the affected Major Release or to the latest Major Release.

End of Life

Support only covers the use of Supported Software which has not reached its End Of Life (EOL) date, as detailed below: 

For the Enterprise Edition, starting with version 24, Dremio will maintain each Major Release until the later of (i) 24 months after its general availability ("GA"), or (ii) 6 months after the GA date of the immediately subsequent Major Release (the “Enterprise Edition Maintenance Period”), unless a longer period is specified by Dremio in writing (as determined at Dremio’s sole discretion). If the Enterprise Edition Maintenance Period has passed for a Major Release, and an alternate EOL date has not been announced by Dremio, then such Major Release has reached its End of Life and is no longer a Supported Software.

For the AWS Edition, starting with version 24, Dremio will maintain each Major Release for a period of twelve (12) months after its GA (the “AWS Edition Maintenance Period”), unless a longer period is specified by Dremio in writing (as determined in Dremio’s sole discretion). If the AWS Edition Maintenance Period has passed and an alternate EOL date has not been announced by Dremio, then the Major Release has reached its End of Life and is no longer a Supported Software.

For informational purposes, a list of current versions of the Supported Software is available at: https://www.dremio.com/legal/dremio-supported-software/.

10. Gold Support

Customer may be granted the option to purchase a subscription to Gold Support, an offering that delivers proven business value through a proactive and interactive, highly engaged technical approach. Dremio Experts deliver a comprehensive blend of problem resolution, technical guidance and strategic proactive engagement to champion Customer’s success and ensure Customer is getting the most out of its software investment.

Customers with a Gold Support Subscription will receive these additional features:

  • Technical Staff: Customer will be assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) from a team of experienced, highly technical resources (identified as Technical Staff). To the extent possible, the Technical Staff working with Customer will be geo-located in close proximity to Customer’s preferred Support Region. Customer understands and acknowledges that the Technical Staff are shared resources, allocated equitably to Customer and similarly subscribed customers during their subscription to Gold Support. Regular or frequent overage of the allocation may be chargeable on a time and materials basis, and services may be provided by other technical resources.
  • Proactive Guidance: Customer will receive prioritized engagement by the Technical Staff for escalation handling, ticket review, root cause analysis, architectural guidance and operational health assessments during its subscription to Gold Support.
  • Follow-the-Sun Case Management. Customer will be eligible for follow-the-sun case management for the handling of Urgent priority support tickets. This process facilitates uninterrupted support on an Urgent priority Error across multiple Support Regions.

11. Support of Customers of Resellers

If Customer purchased its subscription to Support through a reseller, the applicable agreement between Customer and the reseller may provide additional or different terms regarding support (for example, Customer’s first contact for support may be the reseller, rather than Dremio). Customer is responsible to review its agreement with the reseller for any such terms.

12. Amendments

From time to time, Dremio may amend this Software Support Policy in its sole discretion and will post the amended terms on the Dremio website at https://www.dremio.com/legal/support-policy/. Dremio will also update the date of the Last Updated at the top of this Software Support Policy. By continuing to access or use Support after Dremio has amended the Software Support Policy, Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of the amended Software Support Policy. Except as expressly provided herein, no modification of this Software Support Policy will be effective unless contained in writing and signed by an authorized representative of each of Dremio and Customer.

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