Gnarly Data Waves

Episode 20


June 6, 2023

What’s New in the Apache Iceberg Project: Version 1.2.0 Updates, PyIceberg, Compute Engines

In this episode of Gnarly Data Waves, Dremio’s Developer Advocate, Dipankar will highlight some of the key new capabilities that have been added to the Apache Iceberg project in the version 1.2.0 along with discussions around compute engines & the PyIceberg Python library.

The Apache Iceberg project has made tremendous strides, evolving on various fronts such as usage, ecosystem adoption, community growth, and capabilities. In the past few months, the project has introduced many exciting new features and performance improvements around the core library, compute engines and standalone libraries (such as PyIceberg) that makes this lakehouse technology robust & valuable for organizations. In this episode of Gnarly Data Waves, we will go over some of the notable new capabilities of Apache Iceberg.

Specifically, we will discuss about:

  • Version 1.2.0 release
  • Features such as : Branching/Tagging, New write-distribution-mode, Change Data Capture, Catalog Migrator Tool, Delta to Iceberg migration
  • PyIceberg (What’s happening in the Python library)
  • Compute Engine-specific features: Dremio, Apache Spark, Flink

Topics Covered

Apache Iceberg
Data lakehouse

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