Gnarly Data Waves

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Episode 45


February 20, 2024

Next-Gen Data Pipelines are Virtual: Simplify Data Pipelines with dbt, Dremio, and Iceberg

Join our upcoming Gnarly Data Waves Webinar, 'Next-Gen Data Pipelines are Virtual: Simplify Data Pipelines with dbt, Dremio, and Iceberg' to learn how to streamline, simplify, and fortify your data pipelines with Dremio's next-gen DataOps, saving time and reducing costs. Gain valuable insights into managing virtual data pipelines, mastering data ingestion, optimizing orchestration with dbt, and elevating data quality.

Traditional ETL processes are notorious for their complexity and cost inefficiencies. Join us as we introduce a game-changing virtual data pipeline approach with Dremio’s next-gen DataOps, aimed at streamlining, simplifying, and fortifying your data pipelines to save time and reduce cost.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights into:

  1. Simplified Data Pipeline Management: How to use Dremio for data source branching, merging, and pipeline automation.
  2. Mastering Data Ingestion and Access: Learn how to curate data using virtual data marts accessed through a universal Semantic layer.
  3. Better Orchestration with dbt: Discover the benefits of orchestrating DML and view logic, optimizing data workflows.
  4. Elevating Data Quality: Learn techniques to automate lakehouse maintenance and improve  data integrity.

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