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Episode 43


January 16, 2024

Empowering Analytics: Unleashing the Power of Dremio Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Companies are struggling with the complex, brittle, and expensive nature of the data lifecycle in existing analytical environments. Dremio is announcing the availability of Dremio Cloud on Microsoft Azure, providing companies the ability to simplify and optimize their analytical environment. 

In this session, Dremio and Microsoft will delve into the exciting developments surrounding the public preview launch of Dremio Cloud on Microsoft Azure. This presentation will provide a comprehensive exploration of how businesses are strategically operationalizing their data lakes, with a particular focus on unlocking the vast potential residing within Azure Storage. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the transformative journey toward harnessing the full benefits of a data lakehouse.

The discussion will guide participants through the myriad possibilities that emerge when leveraging Dremio Cloud seamlessly on Azure, offering a holistic approach to executing analytics pipelines. This integration eliminates the need for costly data warehouses, presenting a revolutionary paradigm shift. A step-by-step walkthrough will illuminate the process of landing data within the lakehouse, followed by seamlessly progressing data through a virtual semantic layer. This strategic approach adds significant business meaning and value, enhancing the overall utility of the data before it is surfaced to end users.

The session will also shed light on the noteworthy performance improvements and cost savings achieved by reducing data extract expenses associated with Power BI workloads. By embracing Dremio Cloud on Azure, organizations can elevate their analytical capabilities while optimizing operational costs, marking a pivotal advancement in the realm of data management and analytics. Join us as we explore the forefront of innovation in data lake operationalization and witness the tangible benefits of this dynamic integration.

Watch and learn how Jonny Dixon, Sr. Product Manager at Dremio and Hanno Borns, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Azure will look into: – Problems companies face with existing analytical architectures – How Dremio and Microsoft Azure work together – What Dremio Cloud on Azure is, and the value it provides – How the Dremo Cloud on Azure solution works, with a demo

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