Unlocking Data Value with Financial Governance

Data leaders and CFOs are frequently concerned about the out-of-control costs of data warehouses, leading to poor financial governance. Below is a comprehensive approach to unlock data ROI.

Data Value Scorecard

A measure of companies' efforts to unlock the value of data.

Companies have spent the past two decades collecting nearly limitless amounts of data. Data leaders are now under pressure to monetize that captured data and show a meaningful return on the investments (ROI) made.

Data is immensely valuable for businesses, but many are learning the hard way that it requires more than a few smart hires and flashy data tools. Instead, it requires building a solid foundation in the form of data architecture that enables users across the business to generate insights and lead to monetization.

The Data Value Scorecard provides a measure of companies' efforts to unlock the value of data.

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Most companies struggle with getting the most out of their data, averaging just 26% on the Data Value Scorecard. Only 28% say it is very easy to access data, 51% expect data freshness in terms of weeks versus minutes, and 80% of data projects underestimate ETL times.
Wakefield Research June 2021


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A Data Analytics Paradigm Shift

Data warehouse costs lead to poor financial governance for data leaders and CFOs.

Data leaders are frequently concerned about the out-of-control costs of data warehouses, particularly as their workloads grow. Moreover, the lack of predictability around future costs leads to very poor financial governance.

TCO Considerations of using a Cloud Data Warehouse for BI and Analytics

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The glue that allows analysts to query data directly from our big data platform

Alex Shaw, Data Executive, Quantium

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Rise of the Lakehouse

Billy Bosworth, CEO, Dremio

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By 2022, 75% of organizations using cloud data management will encounter budget overruns. Financial governance will provide increased predictability and identify opportunities for cost optimization.
Gartner April 2020

The BI and Analytics Paradigm Shift

Drive significantly better data ROI at lower costs directly from your data lake.

While we understand you have an expensive sunk cost for data warehouses, companies such as yours globally are keen on ways to drive newer analytics architectures directly from open data lakes for better financial governance and highly performant BI.

Twelve Considerations when Evaluating Data Lake Engine Vendors for Analytics and BI.

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10 Reasons I’m Excited About Dremio Cloud

Tomer Shiran, Founder & CPO, Dremio

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Building one data set with all business view in one single place

Vincent Terrasi, Head of Data, OVH

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