5 minute read · July 21, 2021

10 Reasons I’m Excited About Dremio Cloud

Tomer Shiran

Tomer Shiran · Founder & Chief Product Officer, Dremio

Today we announced the limited availability of Dremio Cloud, a SQL Lakehouse Platform that makes cloud data lakes easier than ever. The launch of Dremio Cloud is the culmination of hundreds of engineering years, and here are 10 reasons why I’m so excited:

  1. No software. Dremio Cloud is truly SaaS. You don’t need to install, configure or monitor software. You don’t need to collect log files or ssh into machines. It’s always there, and we’ll make it better and faster by the week, without you ever having to worry about versions and upgrades.
  2. Query acceleration. Dremio Cloud uniquely enables BI workloads of all kinds, including, mission-critical dashboards. With patent-pending reflections and columnar cloud cache (C3), it’s possible to achieve dashboard-level response times directly on cloud object storage, without having to copy the data into warehouses, marts, extracts or cubes.
  3. Infinite scale. Dremio Cloud provides limitless concurrency. The control plane’s microservices architecture auto-scales so that it can plan and optimize millions of queries in parallel, and the engines in the execution plane auto-replicate to execute whatever workload is routed to them. The result is that you no longer have to worry about capacity or perform sizing exercises.
  4. Workload isolation. Dremio Cloud features a multi-engine architecture where queries are assigned to different engines based on routing rules or user selection. The result is that analysts don’t have to worry about “noisy neighbors” and you don’t have to worry about the intern’s ad-hoc queries impacting the CEO’s dashboard.
  5. Governed self-service. With Dremio’s semantic layer, you can deliver a consistent view of the data across all users and tools, while allowing Dremio’s reflections to accelerate queries. You can create virtual datasets that control who can access the data at a fine-grained level. No more data sprawl and inconsistent reports.
  6. Client tool integrations. You can take advantage of the native Dremio Cloud connectors in tools such as Tableau and Power BI. With OAuth 2.0-based single-sign-on, Dremio Cloud can securely identify the BI end user. And data scientists can take advantage of the Arrow Flight interface to achieve 20x faster performance than ODBC and JDBC.
  7. Enterprise-grade security. Your data stays in your control in your own cloud storage buckets and all communication and data is encrypted. In addition, Dremio integrates with common identity providers (Azure AD, Okta, Google, etc.), and allows you to grant privileges on any object or dataset to users and roles. Dremio Cloud is also SOC2 compliant.
  8. Global control. Dremio Cloud features a centralized control plane that you and your users can access irrespective of the cloud and regions that you’re using. You can centrally manage users, security, integrations, and more. One pane of glass makes data management easier, especially for global companies with large data footprints.
  9. Cost efficiency and control. With Dremio Cloud, you only pay for what you use. The engines automatically start and stop replicas based on the real-time workload, and you pay nothing during idle times. And while the system scales infinitely, your budget doesn’t, because we make it easy to set limits. Built-in and custom usage reports help you understand who’s consuming what - by job, user, engine and project.
  10. Beautiful UX. Let’s be honest - user experience is an afterthought for most cloud infrastructure. Dremio Cloud puts the user first, starting with the automated onboarding process that securely connects to your cloud account. In addition to the UI, an OAuth 2.0-protected REST API enables users to develop custom applications, and data teams to integrate with their CI/CD processes.

There are just too many people and companies to individually thank for this achievement! That said, I would like to express my gratitude to the following groups:

  • Our Gnarlies at Dremio. When we embarked on this journey, we consciously decided to take the hard path. While most of our competitors built simple provisioning services or single-region services, we wanted to do this the right way so that we would have the strongest foundation to build on. That was not easy. Over 100 developers contributed to Dremio Cloud, and many of them made significant personal sacrifices, especially during this last year. I could not be more grateful.
  • Our customers. Dremio has hundreds of customers, and powers the cloud data lakes of many of the world’s largest companies. Our customers have pushed us hard with their most demanding workloads, which has made us so much better as a result. Dremio Cloud includes the same core engine as Dremio Software, which would not have been the same without the support and trust of our customers.
  • Our partners. We worked closely with AWS, Microsoft, Tableau, Intel and many others on Dremio Cloud. AWS, which is both a partner and user of Dremio, shared the best practices they learned over the years. Microsoft and Tableau worked to create the world’s best bi-directional BI integrations with Dremio Cloud, resulting in an amazing experience for BI users. Great companies develop great ecosystems, and our Dremio Cloud partners are making that a reality for Dremio.

We’re now ready to start onboarding companies and users to Dremio Cloud. While we’re not quite ready to open the floodgates and let everyone in at once, please submit your contact information on the Get Started page if you’re interested and we’ll reach out to you when it’s your turn. In the meantime, check out our cool Dremio Cloud demo from Subsurface LIVE.

Thank you,

Tomer Shiran

Founder and Chief Product Officer, Dremio

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