Transform the Financial Services Customer Experience

The Dremio Open Lakehouse on Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives financial services firms direct access to critical data in the data lake, helping firms continuously deliver a consistent, personalized customer experience.

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Building a data-driven customer experience in financial services

Learn how direct access to the newest and fastest-growing sources of customer data can help your organization deliver on customer expectations across channels.

Gain actionable insights faster

Data is the key component for mission-critical business decisions, yet financial services companies face many challenges related to data analytics:

  • Customer data volumes are exploding. The fastest-growing sources of customer data are semi-structured and unstructured data that will land in a data lake.
  • Financial services firms have made large investments in proprietary data warehouses that were not built to manage or leverage these new sources of data.
  • Data teams rely on complex & brittle ETL pipelines and proliferating data copies to make new sources of customer data available across the business for analytics.

As a result, data is siloed across the organization, and data teams struggle to deliver consistent and accurate customer insights across the organization

Why Dremio Open Lakehouse on AWS

Simplify data management

Eliminate complex, brittle ETL pipelines and proliferating data copies by providing direct access to data residing in Amazon S3, as well as other data sources. Reduce the time it takes to fulfill data requests, and make your data teams more productive.

Learn how TransUnion made data consumers more efficient.>

Democratize data access

Enable business intelligence, reporting, and ad hoc exploration for technical and non-technical data consumers across your business. Dremio’s semantic layer enables self-service analytics, and Dremio’s no-copy architecture ensures a consistent and accurate view of the data.

Read about enabling data-driven decision-making with Dremio Open Lakehouse.>

Keep data secure

With a unified access layer that supports creating consistent governance, Dremio and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provide financial services firms with security, durability, high availability, and resilience. AWS provides numerous tools for security and governance, and Dremio integrates with many third-party tools and services to keep your data secure.

Learn how NewDay adopted a cloud-based secure PCI and DSS-compliant solution.>

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Case Study

AP Intego

Insurance company AP Intego is improving customer service and revenue by using the Dremio data lake engine to integrate customer data from multiple sources into a single 360° customer view.

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Case Study


NewDay moved off their legacy systems and transformed their data infrastructure by working with Dremio on adopting a cloud-based, secure PCI, and DSS-compliant solution that modernized their business on AWS.

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Customer Testimonial


Transunion accelerates queries on petabytes of crucial data using Dremio. By not having to create copies and cubes, it allows their data consumers to be self-sufficient and less reliant on IT.

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Simplify your data engineering and get results in seconds. Dremio’s no-copy architecture enables high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on Amazon S3 – all from your AWS account. Get up to $1,000 in AWS credits for your 30-day trial.

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