4 minute read · April 16, 2024

What’s New in Dremio,  Improved Administration and Monitoring with Integrated Observability

Alex Merced

Alex Merced · Senior Tech Evangelist, Dremio

Dremio's version 25 sets a new standard in the ease of administration and monitoring for analytical platforms. This release underscores Dremio's commitment to providing a seamless and comprehensive monitoring experience, positioning it as one of the market's most user-friendly lakehouse analytics platforms.

Enhanced Observability for Efficient Management

Dremio's Unified Lakehouse Platform introduces an intuitive, self-service monitoring and observability suite, offering administrators a consolidated view of their lakehouse environment. This "single pane of glass" approach enables administrators to monitor, plan, and optimize their Dremio deployments, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Intuitive Monitoring Interface

The latest version of Dremio unveils an out-of-the-box user interface designed for monitoring the Dremio lakehouse environment. This interface offers in-depth visibility into Dremio usage, enabling administrators to fine-tune performance and manage costs more effectively. By providing a clear overview of system activity, Dremio empowers admins to make informed decisions and adjustments promptly.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Dremio version 25 enhances its monitoring capabilities by facilitating integration with leading third-party monitoring and analytics tools like Splunk, Datadog, and Prometheus. This advancement allows administrators to leverage existing infrastructure monitoring solutions, offering a versatile and comprehensive observability experience. Additionally, Dremio introduces the option for customers to specify a storage location for log export, supporting advanced analysis and insight extraction using their preferred tools.

Key Features for Advanced Monitoring

Out-of-the-Box Monitoring UX: Administrators can now access detailed insights, including the top 10 most long-running queries, frequently queried datasets, active user metrics, and the distribution of accelerated versus non-accelerated queries.

Integration Documentation: Dremio provides thorough documentation on integrating with Splunk, Datadog, and Prometheus, simplifying the process for companies to connect Dremio with their existing monitoring ecosystems.

Additional Enhancements in Version 25

Security and SQL Function Improvements

Hashicorp Vault Integration: Dremio enhances its security framework by integrating with Hashicorp Vault, offering robust secret management and encryption services.

New SQL Functions: Enhancements include the Arrays_Overlap() function for array comparisons and advanced window framing functions for more dynamic data analysis.

Lakehouse Management Cloud Upgrades

RBAC Privilege Inheritance: The reintroduction of RBAC privilege inheritance enhances data lake management, replacing traditional spaces with more flexible management structures.

Automated Vacuum for AWS and Azure: Dremio Cloud now includes a computerized process to clear unused space from expired table snapshots for AWS and Azure Dremio Cloud users.


Dremio version 25 represents a significant leap forward in making lakehouse analytics more accessible and manageable. With its enhanced monitoring capabilities, seamless third-party integrations, and a suite of additional features, Dremio is setting a new industry standard for ease of administration. These improvements streamline the monitoring process and empower administrators to proactively manage their environments, ensuring that Dremio continues to be an optimal choice for companies seeking advanced, user-friendly analytics solutions.

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