4 minute read · December 2, 2020

Subsurface LIVE Winter 2021 – The Cloud Data Lake Conference

Billy Bosworth

Billy Bosworth · CEO, Dremio

In July of 2020 we announced the creation of a new industry conference: Subsurface LIVE. The responses exceeded our expectations on every level. With well over 5,000 registrations, and an incredible list of speakers, thousands of Subsurface LIVE Summer 2020 attendees left with a greater understanding of modern data lakes.

Today, we’re announcing Subsurface LIVE Winter 2021!

The explosion of data and proliferation of cloud storage such as Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) is driving a revolution in data lake design and capabilities. The bulk of this innovation is driven by open source software and open standards, which is why companies are adopting these new architectures at such a rapid pace.

By attending Subsurface, attendees will…

  • Increase their level of data architecture expertise through informative talks, demos and real-world use cases.
  • Learn how open source and open standards are accelerating data architecture innovation by learning directly from project creators, key contributors and industry adopters.
  • Join a vibrant community of other data experts building the data lakes of tomorrow.

Join us as we dive deep below the surface of the cloud data lake.

Reserve your spot!

Subsurface is a conference by practitioners, for practitioners. Data architects, data engineers and data scientists will enjoy deeply technical, relevant presentations by people who understand the pressures and demands of those roles. Data warehouse administrators will also find the content relevant as they keep pace with the rapidly advancing capabilities of modern cloud data lakes.

Finally, in this time of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we also go out of our way to make the event fun and engaging. One way of doing this is by broadcasting LIVE! This, of course, comes with risks of kids, dogs and who knows what entering the video — but that’s everyone’s life right now! Subsurface LIVE Summer 2020 was, as the name implies, broadcast live and because of that, it had a special tone and feel that attendees appreciated. In fact, we ended the last conference with a live DJ event that was a big hit with everyone, and Subsurface LIVE Winter 2021 will close on an equally fun note as well.

Register for Subsurface LIVE Winter 2021 now, mark your calendars and get ready!

I hope to “see” you there!

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