2 minute read · December 16, 2019

Recap of AWS re:Invent 2019 – Dremio

The team at Dremio was ecstatic to have a presence at AWS Re:Invent for the first time this year! We were thrilled to share the capabilities of Dremio’s Data Lake Engine with the adopters, creators, and evangelists of Amazon S3.

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Starting at the opening reception, we were able to share our story with the massive number of companies across the world that are moving their data to the cloud. Dremio’s Data Lake Engine delivers lightning fast query performance and a self-service semantic layer that operates directly against your data lake storage, like S3!

There were a record number of attendees who took our survey on Cloud Data Lakes - thanks to everyone who participated! We’ll be doing some exciting things with the insights from this survey - be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter so you don’t miss the announcement!

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Additionally, Dremio had our own meeting space at Re:Invent where our executive team was able to meet face to face with companies already using Dremio! Across the board, we heard excitement from these teams all thrilled with the flexibility and performance that Dremio provides. In addition to these meetings, our CEO, Tomer Shiran, and VP of Sales, Collin Weitzman, were able to spend some time on the expo hall floor speaking with attendees!

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The full team enjoyed a night out on the town (how can you not when you’re in Vegas?!). As always, thank you to the team that spent a week away from the office to help make this event a success! It’s always great to spend time with the remote team - looking forward to seeing you all at the exciting events we have coming up in 2020!

Learn how Dremio’s Data Lake Engine delivers lightning fast query speed and a self-service semantic layer operating directly against S3

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