3 minute read · August 18, 2020

Announcing Dremio on The Tableau Extension Gallery

Lucio Daza

Lucio Daza · Director of Technical Marketing, Dremio

With the release of Dremio 4.5, we announced the availability of the new Tableau connector built using the Tableau SDK Framework which offers significant performance improvements and new capabilities. The new SDK-based connector supports single sign-on (SSO) connectivity when accessing Dremio from Tableau using user delegation. With SSO support, administrators can configure Tableau so that after users log into Tableau they can automatically connect to Dremio with no additional login or passwords required, significantly simplifying their experience and improving security by reducing password use. The new SDK-based connector also offers significant performance improvements when working with very large catalogs, enabling users to quickly explore very large Dremio catalogs from within Tableau.

Today, we are excited to announce that after working closely with Tableau to further simplify the distribution of the new connector, Dremio is now a Tableau Connector Gallery launch partner! This means users can now find and download the Dremio connector directly from the Tableau Extension Gallery. This new approach enables Dremio to continue building and optimizing on the native Tableau connector while also simplifying the way Dremio users connect to Tableau.

Dremio Tableau Connector

Leveraging the new Dremio connector in your Tableau environment is very simple. After downloading the connector from the Tableau Extension Gallery, simply place the connector in your /Connector directory, install the Dremio JDBC driver, launch Tableau and start analyzing your data immediately!

This is a huge value-add to customers who are using Dremio and Tableau together to unlock the full power of their business intelligence directly against cloud data lake storage — all without cubes, aggregation tables or extracts. To learn more about how savvy data-driven enterprises are accomplishing this goal, check out this case study that explains how InCrowd Sports uses Dremio and Tableau across their data lake to offer their clients deeper insights

We are very excited to be a part of the Tableau Connector Gallery, and we hope you are, too. For a complete technical overview of the connector please check out the documentation page. Also, visit our tutorials and resources to learn more about how to use Dremio and Tableau together.

As always, if you have any questions, please share them with us on our community site and we’ll do our best to answer them there, along with other members of the Dremio community.

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