Nithin Krishna Reghunathan

Staff Product Manager, Dremio

Nithin Krishna Reghunathan's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

New: Row-Level and Column-Level Access Controls

Learn about row and column policies in Dremio Cloud and Dremio Software v22.0.


Blog Post

Introducing New RBAC Privileges for Admin Operations

Learn about the RBAC privileges introduced in Dremio version 22.0 and Dremio Cloud that enable admins to selectively give non-admin users and roles permissions to perform admin-like operations.


Blog Post

Dremio 21.0: The Open Lakehouse Platform Just Got a Whole Lot Faster!

A deep dive view on the major performance enhancements in Dremio 21.0 release and the overall performance gain in TPC-DS benchmarks as compared to its older versions.


Blog Post

Dremio Cloud Under the Hood

We recently announced the general availability of the Dremio Cloud platform, the world’s first forever-free, fully managed lakehouse platform. Dremio Cloud is a frictionless, infinitely scalable platform that helps organizations run all their SQL workloads and automate data management operations. Two key services are available as part of the Dremio Cloud platform: Dremio Sonar, a […]


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