Matt Topol

Staff Software Engineer, Voltron Data

Hailing from the faraway land of Brentwood, NY, and currently residing in the rolling hills of Connecticut, Matt Topol has always been passionate about software. After graduating from Brooklyn Polytechnic (now NYU-Poly), he joined FactSet Research Systems, Inc. in 2009 to develop financial software. In the time since, Matt has worked in infrastructure and application development, has lead development teams, and has architected large-scale distributed systems for processing analytics on financial data. Matt is a committer on the Apache Arrow repository, frequently enhancing the Golang library and helping to grow the Arrow Community. Recently, Matt wrote the first and only book on Apache Arrow, “In-Memory Analytics with Apache Arrow,” and joined Voltron Data in order to work on the Apache Arrow libraries full-time and grow the Arrow Golang community.

In his spare time, Matt likes to bash his head against a keyboard, develop/run delightfully demented games of fantasy for his victims–er–friends, and share his knowledge with anyone interested who’ll listen to his rants.

Matt Topol's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

ADBC: Arrow Database Connectivity

The Apache Arrow ecosystem lacked standard database interfaces built around using Arrow Data, particularly for efficient fetching of large data (i.e., with minimal or no serialization and copying). Without a common API, the end result is a mix of custom…

Blog Post

Announcing the First Book Dedicated to Apache Arrow

In-Memory Analytics with Apache Arrow starts with the foundational basics and dives progressively deeper into the areas needed to understand and effectively use the technology.

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