Kamran Hussain

Presales Solutions Architect, Dremio

Kamran has been working in the data space for the last 25+ years. In the last decade he has focused on data integration and modern data platform engineering. At Dremio Kamran is excited to help customers move to a simple and open Lakehouse platform.

Kamran Hussain's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

Still Stuck with a Data Warehouse? It’s Time to Consider a Better Architecture a Data Lakehouse

Everyone recognizes that data platforms are critical for making data-driven decisions in all functions of an enterprise. A flaw in the foundation of your data platform can have significant cost and lost revenue implications. The traditional data platform has been the data warehouse (DWH). Most data architects and engineers are very comfortable with the data […]


Gnarly Data Waves Episode

Getting Started with Hadoop Migration and Modernization

Video Synopsis Transcript Note: This transcript was created using speech recognition software. While it has been reviewed by human transcribers, it may contain errors. Alex Merced: Getting Started With Hadoop Migration Hey everybody, this is Alex Merced and you’re listening to another episode of Gnarly Data Waves, presented by Dremio. My name is Alex Merced, […]

Data teams inheriting on-prem Hadoop face bottlenecks with the high cost of infrastructure and operational overhead. Join the latest episode of Gnarly Data Waves and learn how modernizing Hadoop to the data lakehouse with Dremio solves these challenges.
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