Dave Nielsen

Director, Developer Relations, Dremio

After starting his career as a software developer, Dave led the PayPal Community to adopt PayPal’s first APIs. Since then he has held roles in Developer Advocacy and Community at Strikeiron (the first API-as-a-Service company), Redis Labs, Traceable, and now Dremio. He also is known for founding CloudCamp & BigDataCamp. Dave gained minor notoriety when he proposed to his girlfriend in his book, PayPal Hacks.

Dave Nielsen's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

Project Nessie: Transactional Catalog for Data Lakes with Git-like semantics

Nessie does this with its branching functionality to track changes to multiple copies of the same data, and version control to track these changes over time so they can be merged back into production safely, consistent and atomically.

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