Albert Vernon

Senior Product Manager, Dremio

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Blog Post

New Array Functions in Dremio

Introduction Data types in Dremio fall into two categories: primitive types such as INT and VARCHAR that hold single values, and semi-structured types like LIST, STRUCT, and MAP that hold complex values. Arrays are lists of arbitrary size of any single type, indexed by non-negative integers, and are useful for holding sparse data. Note: LIST […]


Blog Post

Introducing MAP Data Type in Dremio

This blog helps you learn about querying MAP data in Dremio Cloud and Dremio Software v23.0.


Blog Post

Announcing Scalar User-Defined Functions

Learn about creating and using scalar user-defined functions in Dremio Cloud and Dremio Software v22.0.


Blog Post

New: Row-Level and Column-Level Access Controls

Learn about row and column policies in Dremio Cloud and Dremio Software v22.0.


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