Thank you for making the Internet a safer place!

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The Dremio Security team takes security findings extremely seriously. We care deeply about the security of our products and the data that they protect. We investigate every reported security vulnerability and take action to remediate and/or mitigate all issues that we encounter.

Dremio encourages responsible security research on our services and products.

  • Please read our responsibility disclosure limitations page (Responsible Disclosure Limitations | Dremio) before sending your findings to us.
  • When reporting a potential vulnerability to Dremio, please include a detailed description of the vulnerability, targets, steps, artifacts (such as web requests, responses and screen captures) in your report and send it to [email protected].

We would like to thank everyone in the list below who reported valid security findings on Dremio products. Credit is given only after a finding is validated and remediated by the Dremio team.

Marek Jilek
Faizan Ahmed Faizan Ahmed
Pratik Tryambake @tryambakepratik

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