Using Data Mesh to Advance Distributed Data Access, Agility and Governance

Join this live fireside chat with David Stodder, Senior Director of Research Business Intelligence at TDWI, and Nik Acheson, Senior Product and Strategy Leader at Dremio, as they talk about using Data Mesh to Advance Distributed Data Access, Agility and Governance. During this informative session, you will learn:

  • Best practices for success in the data mesh journey so you can make it easier to discover, understand, and trust data
  • The importance of metadata catalogs, business glossaries, and data intelligence for integrating discovery, access, and governance
  • How data mesh, data fabrics, and data virtualization differ and are related
  • The role of an open data lakehouse in a distributed data architecture
  • Balancing self-service data domains with requirements for enterprise data governance
  • Sorting out data virtualization, data mesh and data fabrics
  • Role of metadata catalogs, business glossaries and semantic layer
  • Data mesh and the open data lakehouse: How they fit together
  • The data mesh journey: Lessons learned and best practices
  • Improving the user experience and increasing business value
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