Unified Analytics and Workloads with Dremio and HPE Ezmeral

Organizations struggle with performing modern data engineering and data science because of a number of challenges. Processes are antiquated, tools and systems are outdated, and yet the demand for analytics to be infused into every aspect of the organization continues to grow. HPE recommends an industrial approach to solve these challenges. By looking to modern manufacturing systems, we can copy patterns to enable repeatable, reliable, and performant processes through the use of modern technology. HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and Dremio enable data and analytics across the enterprise through this industrial approach.During this session we will discuss those challenges organizations face and why an industrial approach is the best way to solve those challenges. Using examples from manufacturing, we will describe how the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides the factory and tooling while Dremio delivers just-in-time access to data across the enterprise with streamlined processes for deployment.Join us for this session of business concepts and technology discussion to gain insight into how your organization can take an industrial approach to data and analytics.

Topics Covered

Data Lake Engines


Matt Maccaux

Matt Maccaux

Matt Maccaux has been working with clients across many industries for the past 20 years at some of the biggest technology companies in the world. For the past 8 years, Matt has focused on the big data, analytics, and data science space, helping customers define and implement enterprise-wide programs to accelerate their time to market using advanced analytics and platforms. In his current role as the Global Field CTO for HPE Ezmeral Software, Matt works with executives to develop roadmaps and strategies for their next generation analytics using AI/ML/DL and providing those capabilities as-a-Service to the enterprise.

Tom Phelan

Tom Phelan

Tom is a Fellow in the Software Organization. He joined Hewlett Packard Enterprise when BlueData, Inc. was acquired by HPE in November of 2018. Tom was the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of BlueData and led the team that developed the EPIC platform for automating and managing AI/ML/DL/Big Data containerized application clusters in a hybrid-cloud environment. The BlueData container platform, along with the MapR Data Fabric, now provides the underpinnings
of the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform. Prior to founding BlueData, he spent more than 25 years as a senior architect, developer, and team leader in the computer software industry. He has a deep knowledge of storage and virtualization technologies. Earlier in his career, Tom was an architect for VMware where he designed the Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) for the ESX platform. Earlier still, Tom was a Principal Engineer at SGI and a member of the team that designed and developed the XFS file system. Tom earned his BA in Computer Science from U.C Berkeley, and is the holder of numerous patents in various areas of computer storage and virtualization.

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