Time to Reflect – An Open Architecture for Analytics

  • Yves MulkersFounder, 7wData
  • Scott GaySolutions Architect, Dremio
  • Eric KavanaghHost @ DM Radio

Session Abstract

Open and easy: That’s how analytics should work in today’s Information Economy. But most legacy architectures don’t enable that vision at all. The business changes much faster than data engineers or IT can accommodate. Dashboards go stale, and reliance on them wanes. But the old way of doing things is suddenly changing, in dramatic fashion.Watch this episode of The Briefing Room to hear 7wData Founder Yves Mulkers and Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh extol the virtues of an open analytics architecture. They’ll be joined by Scott Gay of Dremio, who will explain how a semantically enabled, in-memory architecture revolutionizes the speed and efficiency of analytics.Attendees will learn:

  • Why separating data from compute enables a pure data tier
  • How Apache Arrow tightly aligns in-memory query processing
  • The power of data “reflections” for optimizing performance
  • The value of leveraging inexpensive cloud storage (data lakes)
  • Why respect for data gravity will save you time, money and headaches

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Alteryx Analytic Platform and Dremio Open Lakehouse combine to simplify data operations and enable broad access to the data lake


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