Migrate BI Dashboards to Run Directly on a Cloud Data Lake in Five Easy Steps

  • Jason HughesDirector of Product Management, Dremio

Session Abstract

While BI dashboards are great at democratizing analytics in organizations, the architecture that traditionally powers them has hidden consequences that have serious impacts on the business.This architecture is based on a 30-year-old paradigm that requires many different systems, ETL jobs, and copies of data in data marts, data warehouses, and BI extracts. One downside of many is that it takes many days if not weeks to answer a different business question with this architecture. The negative consequences are further multiplied by the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dashboards needed to run a data-driven organization.Now, there’s a straightforward way to overcome these challenges that many organizations are already taking advantage of, an open cloud data lake architecture and Dremio.Join Jason Hughes, Technical Director at Dremio, for this webinar to learn how you can migrate BI dashboards to Dremio to quickly provide interactive dashboards to data consumers without the issues of the traditional architecture — and finally deliver the benefits always promised by BI.What you’ll learn:

  • Why BI dashboards’ traditional architecture implemented at scale causes many issues, which hinder the very insights it promises.
  • How a Dremio-powered cloud data lake architecture eliminates or mitigates the negative consequences of the traditional approach.
  • Step-by-step instructions for migrating a BI dashboard to run directly on a cloud data lake, both a self-contained example and your own dashboards.

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