Generate More Value from Data: How Microsoft Is Powering the Next Generation of Insights

The world of data analytics is evolving rapidly. Not only are customers taking advantage of new opportunities as they migrate legacy workloads to the cloud, a range of new opportunities are emerging that allow new and greater insights to be extracted from even larger volumes of data. In this fireside chat, join Tomer Shiran, Jurgen Willis and Arun Ulagaratchagan as they discuss Microsoft’s current and future directions on end-to-end Analytics on Azure, based on open architectures, interoperability and accessibility to limitless data.

Topics Covered

Azure Data Lake Storage
Data Lake Storage


Arun Ulagaratchagan

Arun Ulagaratchagan

As the Corporate Vice President of Intelligence Platform Engineering, Arun leads product development for all Microsoft’s services that accrue data, extract intelligence, and empower a new class of data-first applications. This includes all data integration, big data analytics, messaging, and BI cloud services – PowerQuery, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hub, and Power BI.

Previously, as the General Manager of the APAC Cloud & Enterprise Division, Arun was responsible for growing Microsoft’s Windows Azure, Windows Server, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence businesses for Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region based out of Singapore.

Before moving to Singapore, Arun held worldwide accountability for growing Microsoft’s SQL Server business with enterprise customers.

Arun founded Think Business Networks, Inc., a vendor of specialized network management software based out of Silicon Valley. Arun grew the company profitably for six years to over 60 employees before selling his stake and heading to Stanford Graduate School of Business for his MS in Management.

Jürgen Willis

Jürgen Willis

Jürgen Willis is Vice President for Microsoft Azure Storage, with responsibility for Azure Object Storage, Data Lake, Strategic Customers and Partner Ecosystems. Previously at Microsoft, Jürgen led the Azure Compute Fabric team that manages the deployment, health and maintenance of Azure Virtual Machines. Jürgen has also led Product Management for numerous .NET components, including Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. Prior to Microsoft, Jürgen was a Senior Manager with Accenture, advising Enterprise clients in the Telecommunications and Financial Services industries and leading the implementation of both custom and packaged solutions.

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