Enabling Real-Time Analytics for Data Lakes with Apache Ignite

For data scientists and engineers, there’s no finer place to spend time than a data lake. But are you really getting what you want out of it when +80% of your time is spent sidelined with data preparation?Every data scientist and engineer who wants to stay relevant over the next decade needs to start asking themselves the tough questions today: Do you want to be someone who drives real business outcomes or just keeps the lights on? How much time do you actually spend innovating with data? How much simply goes into keeping your pristine lake stocked with fresh data instead?In this presentation, Matthew Halliday will show the audience how no-code ETL gives data teams the freedom to move fast and innovate with data. He will bring it to life by highlighting use cases from one of the world’s largest quick-service restaurants, a Fortune-10 consumer electronics manufacturer, and a major US federal credit union. Specifically, he will demonstrate how to connect any business application – from Google Sheets to Salesforce and SAP – to a data lake in 10 minutes or less, generating transactional, in-sync Parquet files that anyone can seamlessly leverage for data science.An award-winning keynote speaker, Matthew guarantees that his presentation will be the most exciting demo of Subsurface LIVE Winter 2021.

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